Make your way through the Forest.

Wake Forest University welcomes you to enjoy the beautiful grounds surrounding our campus during your next Run/Walk Event.

Policy Governing Use of Wake Forest Property and Grounds

Wake Forest University property, grounds, streets, and other designated areas may be used for activities such as bike races, fun runs, walk-a-thons, car washes, parades, demonstrations, and fund raising events with proper approval. The University should be listed as co-host in advertising for athletic events, races, runs, and walks. Unauthorized use of Wake Forest University name or logo(s) is prohibited. Any activity must reflect the mission and values of Wake Forest University. The University reserves the right to deny permission for events and activities that are deemed inappropriate or interfere with other Wake Forest University or Reynolda property activities.

View the Race Event Routes

1 Mile Run-Walk Route

5K Run-Walk Route


  • All Run/Walk Event Applications must be completed at least 60 days prior to the event. Once received, you will be notified via email, the status of your request.
  • A copy of your Liability Insurance Coverage, along with the $350.00 event fee must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. The $350.00 fees apply to all groups not affiliated with Wake Forest University.
  • Wake Forest University reserves the right to retract approval up to 60 days prior to the event due to either scheduling of Wake Forest University activities or necessary upgrade or repair. Saturday is the only day of the week on-campus race events may take place. No requests will be considered for the month of May.
  • A non-participant from the sponsor organization will serve as liaison with Wake Forest University representatives. The liaison must remain on-site throughout the event, including set up, clean up, and a post event assessment with the University representative.
  • The race event route must comply with University approved routes. Route must be marked by cones or signs on stands. Paint, flour, chalk, lime, permanent marks or in-ground stakes of any type will not be permitted on property, including trails and sidewalks, without proper approval. Immediately following the event all groups, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots must be restored to original state.
  • All vehicles must remain on roadways and must be parked in designated areas unless directed otherwise by University Police.
  • Equipment required for the event must be supplied by organizers and removed immediately after the event. The University does not supply staging, sound, landscape, water or restroom equipment, other than Athletic equipment rentals. Equipment scaffolding, staging or signage which require in-ground stakes or stabilization will not be permitted. Voice amplification at a reasonable level may be used at an event.
  • Behavior that is disruptive or dangerous, or failure to comply with these guidelines can result in the revocation of this permit, removal from Wake Forest University Property and/or refusal to allow application for future events.
  • Participant Release and Photograph Consent Form must be completed and maintained by the event representative.
  • You must comply with the WFU-Section-VI-3-Protection-for-Minors, and agree to uphold the University’s policy for Protection for Minors on our campus.


  • Fees for Police Services, rentals, cleaning, and any Athletic Property Rentals will be billed upon completion of your event, and due 30 days upon receipt of the final invoice.
  • Wake Forest University has jurisdiction over University Property. A minimum of one campus police officer must be hired for 4 hours. University Police will be required for any traffic pattern change or road crossings. Please review the WFU Police Services website for more information and to request these services.

Race Support Services

Facilities and Campus Services will be able to assist you with trash pick up requests, power, and other related services.

University Parking and Transportation Services for any vehicle traffic pattern questions.

University Police Department requires University Police to be assigned to campus events when any of the following apply: alcohol is being permitted or served outside, non-Wake Forest guests are invited, more than 200 people are expected or if traffic changes are necessary. All police personnel hours are billable.

City of Winston-Salem Services will be able to assist you when there are street closings due to events.

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