Global Foods Tabling Station Celebrates Black History Month

WFU Global Food Committee (GFC)*  and the Food Collaboration Committee (FCC) are excited to share that the global food tabling station will be celebrating Black History Month. This annual observance is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the central role Black individuals and communities have played […]

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Resource for Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

Deacon Dining’s Registered Dietitian and Health and Wellbeing Manager, Madison Fishler, created a detailed resource for those on campus with food allergies and special dietary needs. This one-page informational flyer details the resources within dining that are available on campus and can be downloaded for […]

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Deacs Recharge Smart Vending Machine

A new VICKI smart vending machine has been installed at the Wellbeing Center. The AI Virtual Attendant, Deacs Recharge, uses IOT technology for self-checkout and is the first of its kind on campus. This innovative machine is set to redefine how customers interact with the […]

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Employee Spotlight: Wanda Samuels

Wanda Samuels embarked on her journey with Aramark in April 2001 and has since contributed significantly across her various roles at Deacon Dining, including taking on supervisory responsibilities. Wanda currently serves as one of the team at North Dining Hall and has remained there since […]

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