Photo of Wanda Samuels accepting her award for exemplary service.

Wanda Samuels embarked on her journey with Aramark in April 2001 and has since contributed significantly across her various roles at Deacon Dining, including taking on supervisory responsibilities. Wanda currently serves as one of the team at North Dining Hall and has remained there since its inception in 2013. Throughout her tenure, she has consistently set an example through her commitment to excellence, earning a deep appreciation from the campus community. 

Celebrating over two decades of her exceptional service, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for her unwavering dedication to embodying Deacon Dining’s core values of service and hospitality. For Wanda, Deacon Dining and Wake Forest colleagues are akin to family, and the campus feels like a second home. Her continuous motivation and unwavering support have been instrumental in the collective growth of the Deacon Dining team.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone and may Wanda’s legacy of service and dedication continue to uplift the campus community for many years to come! 

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