• Who is eligible for intern housing at WFU?

    Any undergraduate, graduate or professional student who is involved in non-classroom academic course work, such as, but not limited to, thesis, dissertation work or Internship work related to an academic discipline or other special circumstances.

  • What dates are intern housing available?

    Accommodations begin Saturday, June 1, 2019 – Friday August 2, 2019.

  • What is the registration deadline?

    There is no specific application deadline for registration. We accept applications on a first come, first serve basis until all spaces  have been filled. If all spaces have been filled, you will be placed on the housing wait list.

  • How do I register for Wake SHIP?
    1. Visit our Wake SHIP Registration Portal
    2. Complete “Invitee Information” and click “NEXT”
    3. Enter demographic info, phone numbers, emergency contact info, etc.
    4. Specify which company / program is sponsoring your internship
    5. Specify who your point of contact for the internship is.
    6. Specify how you heard about our intern housing program.
    7. Answer the question: Do you want to make a housing request? YES
    8. Under “Room Type”, select which type of accommodations you would like for the summer. “Private room with shared living space” or “Private Apartment”
    9. Enter your “Check-in date”
    10. Enter your “Check-out date”:
    11. Indicate roommate preference, if any. Otherwise, if
      private room with shared living space is chosen, a roommate will be assigned randomly.
    *Note that we do try to house interns working at the same company / in the same field together.*
    1. Review Registration information, click “finished adding people”
    2. Choose Payment method.
    1. Check: “I have read and accept the terms of this rental agreement”.  (This agreement can be found on the Wake SHIP website).
    2. Click Finish
    3. After you register you will receive an email confirmation.
  • When is payment due?

    The full balance for your stay is due prior to checking in on campus.

  • What payment options are available?

    Payments can be submitted through the online payment process via credit card upon registration; Credit card payments will only be taken through online registration.

    Payments can be submitted via mail by check, cashier’s check, or money order. You may present a check upon arrival/check-in. Note that checks are the only form of payment taken upon arrival. Checks can be made payable to Wake Forest University.

    If a department of Wake Forest University or the company hosting your internship is paying for your stay, an invoice will be sent to the department specified for payment.

  • Can I make partial payments?

    Yes. Partial Payments are an option, as long as the full balance is paid up front before checking in.

    How to make Wake SHIP partial payments 

  • What if I need to modify or cancel my registration?

    If you need to modify or cancel your current registration dates / information, you may do so online by clicking the “Already Registered” link located on the Wake SHIP registration page or via the “click here to view the event summary” in your confirmation email.

    From the MY REGISTRATION tab click MY TRAVEL

    You will see your existing housing requests listed under your name. To change your requested dates, click EDIT under the actions section and make changes as needed.

  • Will I have a roommate?

    If you chose the housing option, “Private bedroom with shared living space” a roommate of the same gender will be assigned.  All bedrooms are private bedrooms and will have a separate key from the entry door.

  • Can I request a specific roommate?

    Yes, you can request to be housed with other people. All requests must be mutual.

  • Is Transportation available?

    Personal transportation is the responsibility of the intern registered. If you do not plan on bringing a car to campus, interns are welcome to utilize the campus shuttle service provided during the summer months. Hours and shuttle stops may vary during the summer, so please review the Parking & Transportation Shuttle Schedule for more information.

    Public Transportation throughout the Winston Salem area is available through Winston Salem Transit Authority. Please review their website to find the best route to suit your needs.

    Uber and Lyft Services are also available in the area.

    Conference & Event Services is not responsible for scheduling, providing personal transportation,  or any fees associated with requested personal transportation.
  • What furniture / appliances are provided?

    Each room includes an extra-long twin bed (36″ by 80″), a dresser, a desk and chair, a closet or wardrobe, window blinds, microwave, and a  mini or full size refrigerator.

  • What should I (not) bring?

    For a list of suggested and prohibited items, please review our Things to Bring / Prohibited Items section.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Pets and animals are not allowed in residential facilities.

    Service and Emotional Support Animals are accepted on a case by case basis and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Documentation will need to be provided on the letterhead of the intern’s treating physician or mental provider prior to or upon check in.


  • Am I allowed to have visitors?

    Overnight visitors are allowed only with the consent of roommates. Long-term visitors (four nights consecutive or longer) are prohibited. Visitors will need to register their vehicles with Transportation & Parking Services while on campus. Conference & Event Services does not provide visitor parking passes. A parking pass is required to enter campus gates after hours.

    Guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors.

  • How do I receive mail / packages?

    Guests have the option of renting a post office box from campus mail services for the summer ($35.00) .

    Note that mail / packages cannot be delivered directly to campus housing and all mail must filter through postal services.

    If you choose to reserve a post office box, please contact Meri Silveri at silvermm@wfu.edu or 336.758.1922. We also recommend reviewing the campus mail services hours of operation to ensure the hours of availability will meet your needs.

  • Do I need to purchase a parking pass?

    Parking is included in your nightly housing rate. A parking pass for general lot parking will be provided to you upon check in. Conference & Event Services does not provide visitor parking passes.

    View our Campus Parking Map for available General Lots.

    NOTE: If you are a WFU Student and your car is registered with Transportation & Parking Services, please let us know upon registration/check in. 

  • What if I get locked out or have a maintenance issue?

    For your convenience, Conference & Event Services has a 24-Hour emergency assistance number @ 336.758.1755

  • Is WiFi available?

    Yes. Wake Forest University provides an open wireless network for our campus guests who want quick and easy access to the Internet.

    How to Connect

    • Enable WiFi on your device
    • Select WFUguest from the list of available networks
    • Open a browser, and accept an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to gain network access
    • Type in the URL of a webpage or site

    WFUguest does not require a sponsor or a password to connect to it.

    View more information on the Guest WiFi services website.

  • Can I utilize the library?

    Interns are welcome to utilize the campus library as a visitor. Visit the ZSR Library Visitors website for summer hours and visitor information.

  • Can I use the recreation facilities on campus?

    Interns are welcome to utilize Reynolds Gym at the guest rate.

    Wake SHIP guests on the Wake Forest campus can purchase a guest pass from Campus Recreation.  Rates are listed below:

    • $10 (day)
    • $20 (week)
    • $40 (month)

    Please visit the WFU Campus Recreation website for more information on hours and memberships.

  • Can I utilize campus dining?

    Interns are welcome to eat in our dining hall, The Fresh Food Company, by paying at the door for meals.

    Cost per meal with taxes:

    BREAKFAST $10.34
    LUNCH $12.79
    DINNER $14.67

    Note that summer hours may vary. Please visit the Deacon Dining website for more information and other cash and carry options on campus.

Get In Touch

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Phone: 336.758.4341